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Anti- Motion Sickness Smart Glasses

৳ 1290 ৳ 990

ঢাকায় ডেলিভারি খরচ ৳ 80.00
ঢাকার বাইরের ডেলিভারি খরচ ৳ 100.00

Dizziness, headaches and nausea,nearly everyone has felt the sensation of motion sickness at least once in their life when they travel.Are you upset about traffic vertigo? Are you frustrated by seasickness, seasickness and the inability to see the scenery or long trips on the island? At sea, on the road, in the air or even in train, take Boarding Glasses with you everywhere and travel with total peace of mind! This type of spectacles is characterized by a half-ring filled with a color map, the ring surrounding the eye along the front axis (right/left) and the sagittal axis (front and rear), so when it oscillates, it induces people to believe it. After seeing the horizon,naturally there will be no motion sickness. How to use: When starting a motion sickness, wear this pair of glasses for 10 to 12 minutes, staring at a stationary object such as a smartphone or a book, and the motion sickness will disappear. Warm Note: ★For better results, please keep a horizontal line of sight when using. ★Currently, more than 95% percent of users say they have a positive effect. However, for people in very serious situation, motion sickness goggles do not eliminate the symptoms 100%. ★The product is not medical supplies, the use effect varies from person to person.It works better in adults and children over the age of 10 because their inner ears are fully developed. Product details Product Dimensions : 4.72 x 1.97 x 0.79 inches; 2.4 Ounces Package Included: 1 X anti-motion sickness glasses(blue)

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